Refund policy
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For any refund, you can get the refund within 7 working days, simply you have to find out the service complaint within the service time period or after service. Any complaint reported after an hour or a day will not proceed by the company side
If the service criteria are not met fully, we may refuse the refund
This policy is in addition to your statutory rights and IKEA commercial guarantees.
What you will need
Your service receipt are required for all re service and refunds. We issue refunds through the same method of payment as the original payment (e.g. credit card purchases will be credited to the original credit card account).

If you are not entirely satisfied with our service, simply inform your service complaint to our customer side with your receipt. We will refund the price you paid for the service and credit the refund amount to your credit/account that you made payment with.
We will not refund any assembly costs you have paid. And based on our evaluation of service condition we will refund your payment
At any time, IKEA reserves the right to refuse a re service or refund, and we may ask for picture identification. Please visit your local IKEA store or contact us for more details.

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