Pexa Is the Fastest and Easiest Way to Success | Download Our App Now
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Pexa Is the Fastest and Easiest Way to Success | Download Our App Now

Partner registration Process with Pexa

PEXA is the first Indian breakthrough application that offers 360° Car Care services, such as Car wash and detailing, Accessories & Spare Parts, Mechanical & Quick Help Service with Roadside Assistance, and the selling and purchase of old automobiles throughout India. We ship our items throughout India. We are one of India’s largest networks of mobile car spas.

This application is used to manage orders for workers and vendors, and vendors may also update their products through this app to the PEXA client app. The vendor/worker will receive a notification when a customer places an order or accesses Quick Help or Mechanical Help nearby. Any individual or company with expertise in the automobile industry can register through this app and join PEXA. They will also have the flexibility to work part-time or full-time and earn as much as feasible. Additionally, Freelance Technicians, Part-time Professionals, Service Centers, and Garages join PEXA. Through this partner App, their information is kept totally private.

Through PEXA, any skilled technician or business can offer auto repair and related services.

By enabling or disabling the worker mode in the APP, a registered firm/Partner has complete control over the duration of their work shifts. This facility can be helpful to both part-time and freelance technicians.

Advantages for Partners

Freelance Professionals and Part-Time Technicians Service centre and garage can earn more money with superior service performance.

2. Establish their business via PEXA

3. Free advertising for their services or businesses

4. Good Earnings Via Exceptional Customer Service

5. Choose Working Hours at Your Own Convenience

6. You will earn more in accordance to your efforts

Carclenx -India’s Biggest Mobile Car Wash Network


  • Exterior Hand Wash
  • Towel Hand Dry
  • Tire Dressing
  • Wheel Shine
  • Interior Vacuum
  • Sealer Hand Wax